The importance of footwear in a military setting has long been noted throughout history. Footwear plays an important role not only in the mobility of a soldier but also the psyche; the effect of badly fitting boots not only produces physical discomfort at every step, but it also causes mental irritability and interrupts focus as the attention of the soldier is upon their personal condition and not the mission.

As time has gone on, combat boots have been designed to not only provide protection for the foot and ankle, but also a high level of comfort, so that soldiers and police forces are able to carry out their jobs without physical or mental discomfort. Modern combat boots also utilise a variety of technologies, including those used in hiking boots, and are available for a variety of different scenarios and uses, including the likes of jump boots and cold weather boots.


Today combat boots are used for a variety of purposes, from practical to fashion, because they provide the wearer with a great deal of comfort and sturdiness in a variety of changing environments. For this reason they are an essential addition to the arsenal of any police officer or worker who needs comfort and protection.

As a Soldier you are constantly on their feet and require high quality and reliable equipment to ensure they are capable of effectively carrying out their job as well as being suitably protected at the same time. Combat boots give the best protection from potential enemies and any harsh conditions they are put through.

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