BT Broadband is a very well known Brand in UK for providing broadband packages. We are happy to introduce you to some of the best offers and promotions for Military Family and communities.

They offer speeds of up to 76mb download and state their customers will receive more for they money by providing extra services without extra cost. These include Internet voice calls, video calls and varying security software. These are all powered through the new BT Home hub.

British Military, Armed Forces Personnel and families can get some great deals and offer from BT right now when you sign up online! The prices start from only £39.99 a month, which includes BT SPORTS Package for FREE, 80+ Channels, 12 HD Channels, FREE youview box and more!

Choosing the Right BT Broadband and TV Forces Discount Package

Although there is no specific BT Military Discount available,  BT continue to provide us with some very good deals and savings. We update the site very often so we can get the best deals out to you to maximize savings.

Everyone from the Forces Community can benefit from these BT TV and Broadband deals. Please let others know of the discounts if they require a new package.

Choosing the right package can depend on the amount you are willing to pay per month. BT TV and Broadband packages start from £39.99 and range up to £49.99. The one thing that is consistent is their broadband, each package has Fibre broadband with speeds of 36Mb which is one of the best broadband deals on the market.

Another reason for Choosing BT is their BT Sport availability, for example if you purchase the cheapest package you still get BT Sport channels 1, 2 and 3 plus BT ESPN. So for the Military Sports fan these packages are essential viewing!

Depending on the time of year BT also offer varying amount of Reward. The maximum is around the £150 mark and the lowest has dropped to £50. This reward is a mastercard which is loaded with credit for you to use as you wish, you could even get some new Military Boots if required!

The last thing to mention is if you do take out a BT TV package then have a look at their mobile phone deals, because as you continue to pay for your package you also get an EXTRA £5 A MONTH of your contract plan. Now that could be a great saving!

military bt broadband discount

forces bt tv discount

Save on broadband and TV packages and bundles at BT - Superfast speeds 150Mb from only £29.99 a month Includes no activation fee!

Expired 31/05/2024

SAVE £162 on TV and Broadband Packages today!

Expired 31/05/2024